Established in 2016, Qlue work side by side with Jakarta Government in implementing the first Smart City concept in Indonesia. In the 4-years cooperation with Jakarta Government, the province and its citizens have seen tangible results, such as reducing potential flood points by 94%, improving government performance by 61.4%, and increasing public trust to the government by 47%. As a result of these achievements, Qlue received multiple awards, including Finalists of Startup World Cup, Supporter of SDGs No.16 by JCIM, Global Smart City Contest winner by World Smart City Organization in London, and the Best M-Government Service Award from the World Government Summit in Dubai (2019).
Today, Qlue is trusted by more than 50 clients from government, disaster relief organizations, satellite city, companies in various industries, private companies, and government agencies in Indonesia. Headquartered in Jakarta, Qlue have two other offices located in BSD Tangerang and Bali. Qlue recruits the best talent from all over the country to provide the best solutions and services to help our business partners achieve their business objectives.
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