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Innovation Hub for Disaster Risk Reduction :
Toward a Resilient World

What is Sendai BOSAI-TECH Innovation Platform?

With "BOSAI-TECH" as a keyword, it is a place to continuously create new solutions to disaster prevention issues that combine disaster prevention, technology, and business.
We are going to work on disaster prevention issues that could not be solved due to the technical restrictions and profitability, and to expand the business that was born from this platform to Sendai, to all over Japan, and to the world.

Through this platform, we aim to realize the vision of the "Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction".

Verification and creation of businesses that solve disaster prevention issues by utilizing technology.

The Sendai BOSAI-TECH Innovation Platform offers a variety of opportunities to create disaster prevention-related businesses, such as open innovation programs and business matching events.
  • BOSAI-TECH Conference

    This is a global event where companies with a high interest in the field of disaster prevention gather from all over the world to introduce companies that are active at the forefront of BOSAI-TECH and provide opportunities for participants to connect.

  • BOSAI-TECH Business Creation Program

    This is a program that solicits ideas for solving disaster prevention issues with technology from all over Japan and supports the planning and implementation of business plans and demonstration experiments toward the realization and commercialization of the ideas.

  • BOSAI-TECH PoCs/prototype development support program

    The program supports businesses in Sendai and the Tohoku region as they work on proofs of concept (PoCs) and prototypes, with the goal of bringing disaster prevention innovations to market.

    Cross-border expansion support program

    The program is designed for companies keen on taking their disaster prevention solutions global, as well as for those considering future overseas business ventures. By offering a range of support mechanisms, including partnerships with JICA's private sector and personalized consultations, we facilitate their international growth.


    The BOSAI-TECH Lounge event is designed to foster connections among BOSAI-TECH enthusiasts. Attendees can learn from case studies and activities showcased by BOSAI-TECH members in seminar-style presentations and engage in roundtable discussions to share insights.

  • Global Innovation Program

    This is an open innovation program that seeks innovative ideas in the field of disaster prevention from all over the world and supports co-creation of business between the large Japanese companies and the local governments.

Information gathering that leads to the creation and social implementation of disaster prevention-related businesses.


Current Members: 213

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SENDAI BOSAI-TECH Innovation Platform is recruiting a wide range of corporations, local governments, and research institutes interested in creating disaster prevention-related businesses to solve disaster prevention issues.

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