What is Sendai BOSAI-TECH Innovation Platform?

With "BOSAI-TECH" as a keyword, it is a place to continuously create new solutions to disaster prevention issues that combine disaster prevention, technology, and business.

We aim to create a disaster prevention-related industry and form a "BOSAI-TECH innovation ecosystem",
and we are going to work on disaster prevention issues that could not be solved due to technical restrictions and profitability, and to expand the business that was born from this platform to Sendai, to all over Japan, and to the world.

Through this platform, we aim to realize the vision of the "Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction".


This platform is composed of companies, local governments, research institutes, etc. that are interested in disaster prevention and mitigation.

We are going to promote the creation and social implementation of disaster prevention-related businesses that utilize technology by bringing each disaster prevention issue and technology to the platform and integrating them.
  • commercialization

    Companies considering social implementation and commercialization in the area of disaster prevention

    Those who want to solve disaster prevention issues, those who want to start or expand disaster prevention projects

  •  local social services

    Local governments that want to improve local social services by incorporating disaster prevention solutions

    Those who want to try disaster prevention related solutions (= those who want to do demonstration experiments)

  • Companies and research

    Companies and research institutes with technology

    Those who have technologies that can be used for disaster prevention and mitigation, such as AI, image analysis, drones, VR / AR, etc.


This platform provides opportunities for information gathering and exchange, business creation and business development regarding disaster prevention and mitigation.

Through activities on the platform, such as disseminating and collecting information on the website, participating in events and exchange meetings, and utilizing support programs, we aim to create disaster prevention-related industries and form the "BOSAI-TECH innovation ecosystem" by connecting the participants who are interested in disaster prevention.
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SENDAI BOSAI-TECH Innovation Platform is recruiting a wide range of corporations, local governments, and research institutes interested in creating disaster prevention-related businesses to solve disaster prevention issues.

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